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How to Make your Resume Pop!

  1. Use a Clean Structure

    1. A clean resume has very clear and distinguishable sections

    2. Example sections include: Education, Experience, Extracurriculars, and Skills

  2. Brevity is Best

    1. Keep each bullet point less than a single line

    2. Be direct and concise while using common vocabulary. Don't get stuck using technical jargon!

    3. Follow the 3S principle! Short, Sweet, and Simple!

  3. Use Numbers to bring Clarity

    1. Quantify your impact: "Pitched $15M project proposal to senior management"

    2. Use % to show relative size: "Increased capacity by 15%"

    3. Common abbreviations for money include K, M, and B: $3,000,000 = $3M

  4. Talk about Yourself

    1. Start your resume with a personal statement that describes your objectives

    2. The personal statement can briefly mention your values, experiences, or skills

  5. Interests

    1. Use 1-2 lines at the bottom of your resume to list a couple hobbies

    2. Including hobbies conveys your passions and can break the ice

    3. And only stick to 1-2 lines! Brevity is best!

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