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Two brothers who will teach you how to get an internship

Internships are tricky.
We're here to help.

"Just got offered a technology internship at ****** as a freshman because of your videos"

Getting an Internship Can Be

  • Difficult

  • Confusing

  • Frustrating

  • Time Consuming

After receiving internship offers from SpaceX, Tesla, ExxonMobil, General Motors, General Electric, Siemens, John Deere, and many other Fortune 500 Companies, Destination Internship was started to help students get their next internship!

About Us

MMD Smiles!_edited_edited.png

Michael studied Industrial Engineering at Purdue University and has internship experience at SpaceX, Tesla, and Exelon.

Matt Kadus 2022-0498_edited_edited.png

Matthew studied Electrical Engineering at the University of Kentucky and has worked internships at SpaceX, Tesla, ExxonMobil, and John Deere 

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