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Finding and Applying to Internships

Here's a 5-step process 💯 to help college students develop a system to CONSISTENTLY find & apply to internships!

🌟 Having a weekly system can help you stay on track, increase your chances of success, and ultimately help you find the right internship that aligns with YOUR goals!

1️⃣ Set a specific goal for yourself by determining the number of internships you want to apply to each week. (Hint: Try to use a number that is a multiple of 6! You'll find out why later!) A good starting point is to aim to apply to 12 positions per week. You can even go up as high as 24!

2️⃣ Create a spreadsheet or other document to track your progress. This can include the name of the company, the position title, the application deadline, a link to the position, and any other relevant notes you want to track. Keeping track of your progress can help you stay organized and motivated.

3️⃣ Schedule time every Sunday to find open internship positions. Find as many as you identified in Step 1! By setting aside dedicated time to solely find internships, you are making the most of your time by doing one specific task (finding internships) all at once. Be sure to log these open positions in your spreadsheet✅ Pro tip: use online job boards, company websites, your school's career services center, and personal networks to find opportunities that match your interests and skillset.

4️⃣ Each day, Monday-Saturday, set aside time to apply to an equal number of internships. For example, if your weekly goal was 12, apply to 2 a day. If your weekly goal was 24, apply to 4 a day. Since you already found open internship positions, applying to positions should feel like you're working on auto-pilot. Just go through your tracking spreadsheet and apply to the internships you found.

5️⃣ Block out time on your calendar every day to follow your plan so you are more likely to stay committed and stick with a schedule. This will make sure you are following through with your plans and achieve your goals. But be sure to be flexible if necessary. Finding internships can be a challenging process, but by staying consistent and making adjustments as needed can help you achieve your goals.

And don't forget to celebrate 🎉 small successes along the way, such as submitting an application or landing an interview. And remember, consistently putting in a little bit of effort each day is always better than trying to cram in a lot of work all at once!

By following these steps, you can develop a weekly system to find and apply to internships. Remember, the key is to stay consistent, stay organized, and stay motivated. With time and effort, you'll find the right internship and gain valuable experience to kickstart your career.

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